If you have a site that you'd like listed in the members list, you must have a code up in an easy-to-find, visible place. Here are some codes you can choose from, but feel free to make your own. If you'd like your code displayed here, send it to me, making sure you have it as an attachment or link to a URL where I can find it.

Text Code

I'm a fan of "Macrocosm"

"Macrocosm" Fan

Please feel free to make the code say whatever you like. Just make sure you link back to, and ONLY to, I will only link to sites that link to that URL only.

Image Codes

All the following images will work in this same code. Please upload images to your own server. Just replace "YOURNAME.jpg" with the path to the image on your server. I apologize for the miniscule number of image codes at present, but I will be adding more. You can also request a code or make your own code, if you like. All requests and donated image codes should be sent here. As with the text codes, image codes can ONLY link to Feel free to make your own codes; if you send them to me, I may even put them up for use by others, and you will get the credit for the image.




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