[ r u l e s ]

These rules are neither unreasonable nor confusing. Please just follow them.

1. Obviously, you need to be a fan of the Star Trek Voyager epidsode "Macrocosm"

2. You do not need a website to join; all fans are welcome with or without one, but if you do have a site you'd like listed, you must have a code up in an easy-to-find, visible place. Please place the code up before you submit or shortly after. If you do not have a code up when I go to visit your site, I won't put a link to your site on the members page.

3. The only required information to join the fanlisting is a name or nickname you'd like to use, a valid e-mail address, and the country you live in.

4. You are responsible for keeping your information up-to-date by visiting the edit page whenever you have something to change. If I am unable to reach you at any time, if the code is no longer on the page you have listed, or if your site returns an error, I will modify your info or remove you from the member list, depending on my mood that day.

5. I will not link to any sites with illegal or hate-related content, nor will I link multiple sites for a single person.

6. To show that you have read these rules, please type 'macrovirus' in the 'Comments' field of the join form.

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